Aug 23, 2014


Oh Melbourne, why are you so beautiful today when I have to be stuck at home doing assignments?

Hi everyone. I am feeling very inspired to blog today. Melbourne's weather is absolutely perfect today. The sun is shining ever so brightly and it's starting to warm up a little. I am truly sorry for lack of updates I have been bogged down with assignments and classes and placements. I know. NO excuses. But I am going to use them anyway.

Because my sis and I have a very busy afternoon working (yes, even though it is a nice beautiful Saturday and I should be out having fun, I am stuck at home finishing assignments that are due next week), we decided to treat ourselves to a very lovely brunch session this morning. Right now, I am suffering from a little food coma and my couch is beckoning me that I shall resist.

And you know what, it's such a gorgeous day, my apartment is brightly lit and I am just in such a happy place at the moment that I am going to update this very dead blog of mine. And hopefully, keep updating it as much as I possibly can!

SO. Rita's. OMG. This place was amazing. Just simply amazing. I cannot remember the last time feeling this happy and excited about a brunch place.

Unlike the typical rustic feel that almost every Melbourne cafe gives, this was a good combination of modern and rustic. I absolutely adore this place. To think I discovered this while I was driving home one night with a friend. It's so clean and simple inside and has a very lovely open and spacious feeling to it.

As usual, I ordered myself a Cappuccino and it was good. It was nutty, not sour at all (because I really don't like my coffee to taste sour) and had a really good froth to it. Definitely my kind of coffee. My sis had herself a double shot latte, which was a little sour apparently, but I guess that's what happens when you ask for a double shot of coffee.

I was struggling to decide what I wanted to order today. I usually will plan ahead by going onto the website and looking at the menu to see what I would like to try, but I totally forgot about it so was in a state of panic while deciding today. In the end, we were both very happy with the food and left the place feeling a little comatose. A good sign in my books.

We ordered 3 dishes to share: eggs Benedict with pulled pork, pulled pork burger with fried eggs and french toast stuffed with Nutella and macerated strawberries. Are you drooling yet? Are you?

The eggs Benedict was tasty and jam packed with flavour. But the true test was the poached egg. No eggs Benedict is perfect unless the yolk was runny. And runny it was. Imagine my delight when I cut into the egg and the yolk just started oozing.

The burger. HUGE. But so good. The brioche bun (at least I think it was a brioche bun) was so fluffy and had a nice sweetness to it. The salad inside had a buttermilk kind of dressing that balanced out the sweetness of the bun and the saltiness of the pork. And the egg with the oozy yolk. Everything about it was just perfection.

And if you guys have kept up with my older posts, you should know by now that I never go without a dessert at brunch. We were torn with what to order as there was a apple pie pancake stack with ice cream. We decided on the french toast stuffed with Nutella but you bet I'll be going back to this place very soon. After 2 massive meals I did struggle a little to eat this because it was very rich and heavy with the Nutella. Luckily for the macerated strawberries, it cut through that richness. The french toast was still fluffy on the inside but a little overcooked on the outside with little chunks of scrambled eggs appearing every now and then. But overall, a really tasty dish.

I will definitely be going back to Rita's soon and am looking forward to my next meal there. (P.S. They do dinners as well, so if you don't feel like having brunch, go for dinner. I know I will.)

Rita's Cafeteria
239 Johnston Street
Abbotsford VIC 3067
(03) 9419 8233
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Jan 5, 2014

Happy New Year

This post is 5 days overdue but I've been so busy stuffing my face with the local food that I have not been online in awhile. I am back in my hometown Kuching, where the weather is humid and stuffy and the drivers are insane. But, it's still home. Here's a quick look at what I've been consuming for the pass few days with my family and friends.

1 Jan 2014.
Mum brought me to buy my favourite "kuih", which directly translates to cake, at Carpenter Street. It's made out of lots of coconut and pandan. Best combination. Found out later from a friend that it is called kuih syara.

Caught up with a group of friends and had a mini food trip together. Our first stop was to somewhere in China Town aka Padungan, where they had my all time favourite, "cha kueh". It's made out of white carrots and it has this soft and slightly chewy texture that has been fried to perfection. And of course to accompany something as savoury and tasty as this, you need something sweet. So I had what they call the "White Lady", which basically consists of evaporated milk, syrup, lychee or longan, nata de coco and shaved ice. After that, we felt like we wanted something else. Ice-cream. Yes, I know. I am in Melbourne majority of the year and even though ice-cream and gelato are incredible there, nothing can ever beat Sunny Hill's ice-cream. There's just something about the texture of the ice-cream. So so good.
 Just look at that pile of goodness.

2 Jan 2014.
As much as I love my brunches in Melbourne, I love my local goodness for breakfast. Mum brought sis and I to Foochow Cafe to get our fix of our favourite dishes - and because I do not know how to spell their names, I am not even going to try.
Some alcoholic soup with chicken and noodles. Best. Thing. Ever. Especially on really really wet, cold days in Kuching.
"Cha-chu-mee". Sis suggested the " " marks especially since I have no clue of how to spell it. My favourite. Mmm...I'm hungry.
And for lunch, mum made my favourite soup. Pig intestine soup. It's slightly herbal-ly, even though I hate soups like this, but OMG, I could eat heaps of this. And the pig intestine, so chewy. I don't know why I love it, but boy I sure do.

And that's it for my first 2 days back in Kuching. I have heaps more coming, but I figured I should not cram too much into one post. So until next time.


Dec 18, 2013

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is probably the first café that I've ever been to since 2009. The service and atmosphere of this café has always been good. However, I personally do think that they have their really incredible moments and some not so incredible moments. This was definitely one of their better days. I got up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to follow my sister to go service her car. While waiting, we decided to pop into Seven Seeds nearby with our little sister who has never experienced a proper Melbourne brunch/breakfast.
2 out of the 3 dishes were specials of the day and the other was just their basic eggs, bacon and toast with an interesting relish on the side. There is a reason why the french toast is the first picture of the post. Simply put. It was the best.french.toast.ever. No joke. The french toast was stuffed with pumpkin puree and ricotta cheese, cooked to perfection, covered in maple syrup with pistachio praline crumble around it. Drooling? Yeah. Me too. I don't even like pumpkin that much. The sad part to this? I may never ever have it again since it was only part of the specials menu.
The other special dish was baked eggs with pork belly and toast. I am usually very wary of baked eggs as sometimes I find the sauce they use is too rich and heavy. But this was pretty light and tasty. And the eggs were still slightly runny. A bonus in my books.
Lastly, coffee. I haven't had the best experience with their coffee this year. But because it was a relatively easy and slow morning, their coffee was pretty good. Nutty and frothy. Not like those bland ones I had through out the year.
I will definitely go back again, but maybe during one of their slower days.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley St
Carlton VIC
(03) 9347 8664
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Dec 17, 2013


A quick hello to you lovely readers, letting you know that this blog is still running. I have been very busy with my masters course and could not update regularly/at all and I apologise. Now that I am on my Summer break in Melbourne, I will try my very best to keep this blog updated. Thanks!

Jul 17, 2013

Banoffee Cupcakes

There has been a lot of different takes on Banoffee Cupcakes. Frankly, I thought it meant banana and coffee instead of banana and toffee. So I figured, why not incorporate all 3 components into one cupcake?

Banana Cupcake
adapted from Shockingly Delicious
makes about 16 cupcakes

1/4 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
3 medium-sized very ripe bananas, mashed
200 ml sour cream
2 tsps vanilla essence
1/4 tsp salt
1 1/2 cups self-raising flour

  • Preheat oven to 180˚C. Line a muffin tray with cupcake liners.
  • In a medium sized bowl, whisk together brown sugar and vegetable oil. Next, whisk in eggs.
  • Add in mashed bananas, sour cream, vanilla essence and salt. Mix until just combined.
  • Fold in the self-raising flour until just combined.
  • Divide the batter equally among the cupcake liners, filling each liner until 2/3 full.
  • Bake for about 20 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
  • Let the cupcakes cool completely.

Coffee and Baileys Whipped Cream
Disclaimer: This is going to vary with each individual, depending on how much coffee or Baileys you would want to incorporate into the cream.
Brewed coffee, cooled
300 ml whipping cream

  • Whip the cream until stiff peaks are formed. Gently fold in coffee and Baileys into the cream. Do not over-mix.
  • Place in the fridge if you are not going to assemble the cupcakes immediately.

Caramel topping

Caster sugar

  • Line a tray with baking paper.
  • Place sugar and water into a saucepan, making sure there is just enough water covering the sugar.
  • Place the pan over a medium-heat and let the sugar caramelize.
  • Once the sugar becomes amber gold, pour a thin layer of the caramel onto the baking paper. Let it cool and harden.
  • Break the caramel into chunks or place it into a food processor to grind it up into smaller pieces.
  • Sprinkle a fair amount on top of the cream.