Jun 27, 2012

Las Chicas

This is essentially a Part 2 of my friend's 23rd birthday celebration. The first was my attempt at making Martha Stewart's Dark Chocolate Crepe Cake.

My friend just turned 23 on Monday and to kick-start the day, we went to this Mexican brunch place at Balaclava. Or for those of you who are bad with directions or place names, like yours truly, it is apparently around St. Kilda area. 

When they decided where to go for brunch, I as per usual went onto Urbanspoon to find blog reviews about this place, Las Chicas. Sadly, almost every blog I came across did not have a menu! I now understand why no one attempted to post up the menu. There were about...5 pages?

So I am going to be a bit more hardworking and actually post up the menu (probably because I am now on winter break and have absolutely nothing to do).


Yeah. There are actually 6 pages. Not 5.
I really liked the location of Las Chicas despite the fact I had to travel a bit (not much of a traveller). Not only is it right next to the train station, but there is also a tram stop right in front of the cafe. So getting to the cafe was pretty simple.

It was nice and spacious inside. A definite bonus. (: And apparently there was a back area but because it was full, they gave us a seat inside, which I am thankful for because it started pouring after awhile.

The coffee was good. It wasn't acidic, but nutty and creamy. I would have liked it to be a tad bit hotter. A little mental note. Request for the coffee to be slightly hotter next time round.

I was also fascinated by the bottle that they used to serve drinks. It was an Aboslut Vodka bottle! I am now thinking how many bottles did the staff consume because there were quite a few tables in the cafe. Hehe. 

After reading a few food blogs, I made the decision on ordering Las Chicas style steak sandwich. I wouldn't say it was the best steak sandwich I have ever tasted, but it definitely was decent. The one thing I didn't like about the sandwich was the wasabi mayo. 

I just don't get the whole adding wasabi into your dish, like the wasabi potato mash I had at Twenty & Six Espresso. Personally, it just kills the meal after awhile because you start choking on all the wasabi you consumed. Other than that, the pieces of steak was nicely cooked and the bread wasn't over toasted.

The other dish that I managed to taste was the Brekky Bruschetta of scrambled eggs on a bed of spinach and sourdough multigrain, finished with pesto and pine nuts. I felt the scrambled eggs were a tad bit overcooked. So did my friend. But it wasn't a bad dish.

Unfortunately I did not try the other few dishes but from my friend's comments, they quite enjoyed their meal. And I have seen tons of blogs with these dishes in them and the reviews so far were pretty good.

All in all, it was a good brunch. Location was good. Coffee was good. Decent food. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Good company. What more can you ask for?

Las Chicas
St Kilda
203 Carlisle Street
VIC 3183
(03) 9531 3699

Las Chicas on Urbanspoon

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