Jun 5, 2012

LE MIEL et la lune

It is now the exam period for most of us uni students. And although we are be busy with "studying", we still need to eat. It is good to get out to refresh your mind, no? So, what better way to do that than to try out a new brunch place?

My latest venture was to LE MIEL et la lune at the end of Cardigan Street, a cafe just located by the side of the road. Honestly, the only reason why we chose it in the first place was because my friend had walked pass a few times and have been meaning to try the food there. 

LE MIEL et la lune - Honey and the moon
I think it is quite hard to find a nice and quiet cafe nowadays. For those regular brunch-people in Melbourne, you know what I mean. Wherever you go, it is mostly packed to the brim and oh-so-noisy. And the queue. Oh the queue. Don't get me started on the queue. But not LE MIEL. It was quiet. Peaceful. Perfect for those who want to have a relaxing, quiet meal.

This was one of the few things I loved about LE MIEL. It was so peaceful. Definitely a place to go with friends if you want an intimate catch up, where you don't have to raise your voice over the noise to talk. Or you can even just go there with a book, have a nice meal and coffee while you are at it and just relax. I am now starting to think that the only reason why it was quiet was because it was a weekday...

It is a rather small cafe with very simple decorations, but enough to make you feel at home. And even though it is small, there is ample space inside the cafe, so you wouldn't have to worry about bumping into anyone and interrupting their meal.

I didn't know this until my friend mentioned it to me, but the coffee served was Proud Mary's coffee. So for those of you who love Proud Mary's coffee and do not want to travel all the way to Collingwood, you can pop by LE MIEL if you're close. ( :

You'd think that because hardly anyone goes to a place for brunch, the food will be bad. But I must say, the food we had that was pretty good. We had "LE MIEL Big Breakfast" and "Potato Hash". But, between the 2? I would pick the potato hash.

LE MIEL Big Breakfast
Potato Hash

I don't know what it was about the potato hash, but I just loved that dish. A definite must try when you are there. This is one place where I definitely will go back to again. Mostly also to try the cakes, which I did not have time for the other day sadly. But I have read pretty good reviews about it.

LE MIEL et la lune
330 Cardigan Street
Carlton, VIC
(03) 9043 9767

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