Jun 17, 2012

Twenty & Six Espresso

My most recent food adventure was to the latest addition to North Melbourne, Twenty & Six Espresso. I have heard a few good things about this place and since my sister was free, we took the opportunity to go out for a good meal with a friend.

My sister and I decided to walk instead of public transport. Yes. Walk. Right before breakfast. It was a nice walk though. About 25 minutes.

Thankfully we decided to head out early because this place was very packed! And it didn't help that the cafe was small. Really small. Luckily, we probably had to wait about 5 minutes for a seat, which wasn't too bad.

Once we finally sat down, I ordered my usual cappuccino. Their house blend was Proud Mary's coffee and they also had a guest blend, which was Seven Seeds coffee.

The food was not too bad. A few changes could be made. But I have to give it to the chef, they all came out looking very pretty. ( :

My sister ordered The Hunter. There was slices of chorizo, sauteed mushrooms drizzled with truffle oil on a sourdough baguette with an extra poached egg (optional). To finish the dish off, the chef shaved parmesan dish over the whole plate and stuck a huge piece of rosemary on the mushroom. The dish kind of reminded me of Christmas. 

The Hunter
When this dish came, all I could smell was the truffle. Overall, it was a tasty dish, but it was really rich. After eating half of the dish, you will definitely feel full and most likely need a cup of tea to wash down the richness of the dish.

Our friend ordered the Cassoulet which was duck fat baked haricot beans with pancetta, pork and fennel sausage with a piece of sourdough toast. You also have the option of adding a poached egg. I was really impressed with this dish. 

The Cassoulet
This dish was yummy. It was packed with so many flavours and a lot of different spices. But after awhile, the herbs do get to you. Definitely something I would order if I do go back. 

Lastly, my dish. I pretty much knew what I wanted to order once I got there. My friend's were constantly posting up pictures of their Geisha dish and I knew I had to try it. It was tuna coated in crushed peppercorns and sesame seed, which was then pan fried, served with a huge scoop of potato mash with wasabi folded through and a sweet soy dressing.  

The Geisha
Loved the tuna. Loved the sauce. But wasn't a fan of the wasabi potato mash. After awhile the heat of the wasabi hits you and just chokes you. But it's definitely a dish worth trying.

Overall, it was a good experience. The people there were friendly and there was a nice atmosphere to it. But if you're there on a busy day, which I presume it usually is, expect to wait for awhile and probably a few bumps here and there because it is such a small place.

594 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
(03) 9329 0298

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