Aug 5, 2012

Day 3 in Sydney

Final day in Sydney.

I was spoilt for choice on what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go and most importantly what I wanted to eat.

I had a pretty long list of places I wanted to visit. Unfortunately, most of them were too far. So, they are now being saved in my phone for my next trip.

We had to check out of the hotel early because my sister and her colleague were going straight to the airport after work. I guess this was a pretty good idea though. I ended up having a good morning walk at Sydney Harbour, followed by a little exploring around Old Sydney. 

A few hours later, the sun finally decided to come out and play. 
While walking around Old Sydney, I stumbled upon this small food market. 

But I wasn't hungry since it was so early. 

I just ended up walking a lot, exploring and just sitting by the river and soaking up all the sun.

Eventually I got hungry, so I went to Baroque. The only reason I knew about this place was because my sister read it in the magazine on the plane. And I did not realize it was at Old Sydney. I just happened to walk by. What are the odds. (:
The bistro did not open until 12.30 only though. But I was still in the midst of exploring, so I didn't mind.
They had this lunch special, "Plats Du Jour". Essentially, each day has a different plats du jour. And if you decided to order this, you get a glass of red or white wine with your meal. And, it was only $29. Not too shabby.

Also, Baroque is quite well-known for their macarons and they do give classes on Fridays.

The plats du jour that I had that day was a barumandi grilled in heaps of butter and herbs. Served with a side of yummy baked potato wedges. And I decided to have white wine with it.
Truth be told, when I first got the dish, it did not look appetizing whatsoever.
But, it was insanely good. The fish was nicely cooked. And the flesh fell off the bone so easily. 
It was pretty spacious inside Baroque. Since I was early too, it was quiet. I had a nice, peaceful and  enjoyable meal. Service was pretty good. The waiters and waitresses were really friendly. I will definitely be coming back here during my next trip.
 As I mentioned, they are pretty well-known for their macarons. So, I bought a dozen macarons for my sister and I to try. I was pretty impressed. The flavours that I bought were: Hazelnut with Rum (as you can see, there are 2. one for me. one for my sister), Jasmine, Passionfruit with Chocolate, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Cherry Wonka.
Wasn't too crazy about the cherry wonka, but other than that, everything else was pretty good. I especially loved the Jasmine flavour. 
A good last meal before flying back to Melbourne.

Baroque | Bistro, Bar, Patisserie
88 George Street
The Rocks
NSW 2000
(02) 9241 4811

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So that wraps up my very first trip to Sydney. I am looking forward to the day when I can go back again. Hopefully this time, I will be able to tick off more places on my list!

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