Sep 19, 2012

Pillar of Salt


To kick things off, J, M and I went out for breakfast at Pillar of Salt in Richmond.
I have heard and read really great reviews of this place, especially the corn fritters.

I love corn fritters.

The best corn fritters I've tried to date, was at Mister Close. That was, until I discovered Pillar of Salt's corn fritters. Corn-fritter-heaven.

It was slightly crisp on the outside, but incredibly moist on the inside. And when you eat it, it just kind of melts in your mouth. Yeah, my description could use a little tweaking, but you just have to try it to fully understand what I am going on about.
And on the side, there was smoked salmon and salad. You could add the poached egg for an extra $2. Yeah. $2 for an egg. But, it was poached really well. Once you cut into the egg, the yolk started running.
Another famous dish at Pillar of Salt, was the breaky omelette, which was essentially an omelette with wilted spinach and feta on sourdough toast.
The omelette was well-cooked. It was still slightly runny on the inside, or that could be due to the feta. But, this is probably the one dish I wouldn't order the next time I go back. Just because I am not a huge fan of feta. Still, it wasn't a bad dish. And if you do like feta, you probably would enjoy this dish.

Lastly, we also tried the green eggs and ham.
When I first saw this, I was...skeptical.

I have never seen a hollandaise sauce of this colour. So you can probably understand my confusion. The green eggs and ham is similar to any other poached eggs with bacon, brioche and hollandaise. However, they tweaked the sauce a little. It is actually a "herby apple cider hollandaise". And instead of the bacon, they served smoked ham with it.

Eggs were perfectly poached once again. And I like the matchsticks of granny smith apples they served with the dish as it cuts through the richness of the sauce.
Perfect start to the long-awaited break.

Pillar of Salt
541 Church Street
3121 VIC
(03) 9421 1550

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