Sep 8, 2012


My second most expensive dinner to date in Melbourne. I shall blog about the first another day. :)

I have never been to Shoya but have heard some pretty good reviews about this restaurant. Especially their lunch since the food is delicious at a slightly more reasonable and affordable price.

R and V on the other hand are pretty regular customers. So much so, that one of the waiters that night recognized R!

Seeing that I have never been there while they had, V and I left R to order. And I was glad I did because every dish I had that night was delicious.

Nama Shii Hotate
Quail egg coated with mashed scallops and top with a piece of shiitake mushroom that is deep fried. 
A Shoya special.
Definitely a must for sashimi lovers.
Jidori Kara Age
Deep fried chicken.
Wagyu premium.
Served with foie gras and truffles in a truffle sauce.
Sounds heavy, but surprisingly, wasn't.
Tempura Moriawase
Prawns and assorted vegetables
Green tea ice-cream
Just to be clear, I am not a green tea ice-cream fan. Neither was V. But this is the one place we would go back to for green tea ice-cream. Actually...this might be the only place where I will have green tea ice-cream.

Adding on to the yummy food, the service was really good. We had a very attentive waiter always making sure that we had whatever we wanted. 

Definitely a place I will go back to. Probably during lunch that is. Cause my wallet wouldn't be able to handle another dinner. ;)

25 Market Lane
VIC 3000
(03) 9650 0848

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