Oct 17, 2012

Breakfast Thieves

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

At least that is what I've heard.

Honestly, I rarely have breakfast. Only on weekends. Where I actually make a point to get up early, get dressed and go out for a nice big meal.

And it does help if the day happens to be bright and sunny. Oh how I love spring. Minus the pollen. And occasional insane winds.

But, I digress.

Back to my initial point of this post. 

A short while ago, we headed on down to Breakfast Thieves at Fitzroy.

I did not do any research of this place before we went for breakfast. Thankfully my sister did and reviews weren't the most helpful. Some people enjoyed it. Some didn't.

Personally, I liked it and I will definitely go back.
We could not get a seat inside as it was pretty packed already. Shocker. Honestly, the exterior looked huge. How deceiving.

I do not have any pictures of the inside, but from what I saw, it was very spacious. Definite bonus in my books. I hate crowded areas.

Unfortunately, I forgot/didn't have the chance to take a photo of the menu.
But! You're in luck. They have the menu on their website.
Or you can just click here if you're feeling a little bit lazy to type in their web-link and search for the menu.

Among the few dishes we tried were...
 The Robin Hood which is a "tea-smoked ocean trout served on baby endive, edamame beans, tempura enoki mushrooms, organic quinoa, baby radish & poached egg".
I must say, it is pretty tasty for a salad dish.
The Leprechaun: "Crisped sweet corn and basil spiced fritters on homemade baked beans with a side of smashed avocado toast & poached eggs".
I have no idea what is up with the names.

This wasn't a bad dish. But I would have preferred the baked beans to be a bit more cooked. And I still prefer Pillar of Salt's version of corn fritters.
Don't get me wrong. These were pretty darn good. Crispy on the outside. Fluffy on the inside. But it wasn't as moist compared to Pillar of Salt. And not as corny.
Now, there is always, and I mean ALWAYS room for dessert. Even IF it is breakfast. And trust me, you will WANT to try this.
I present to you:
The Sweet Brioche Pain Perdu. This was definitely the highlight for me. At first when I saw that this dish had rhubarb in it, I was thinking "yuck". Never tried it. But it just doesn't look..yummy. But it went perfectly well with this dish. The sourness of the rhubarb cut through the sweetness of the dish. A perfect balance. 
The brioche was still fluffy on the inside. Pears were poached well. The walnuts were caramelized beautifully. And the panna cotta. Oh my goodness. It was divine. Amazing. Stupendous. Whatever adjective words you can come up with. It was simply amazing. 

This dish is probably the main reason why I would go back again to Breakfast Thieves.
I don't care how full you are at the end of the meal.
You really MUST try this dish.

Shop 1, 420 Gore Street
VIC 3065
(03) 9416 4884

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Oct 14, 2012

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe

This Japanese fusion cafe has been opened for quite some time already and we (my sister and I) have been meaning to try it out after hearing a few of our friend's go on about it.

So we headed down to Purple Peanuts on a beautiful spring Saturday. And we went back a week later.

Yeah...Twice in 2 weeks. We liked it that much. :)

Among the dishes we have tried so far are:
Prawn salad with soba noodles
Really really tasty dish. And very light. So if you aren't extremely hungry, you should definitely give this a try!
Fried prawn and spicy salmon sushi roll
When I say spicy salmon, I really mean spicy salmon.
 Sukiyaki beef
 Braised pork belly

What I really like about the dishes is that they are pretty much your typical Japanese dishes, but less heavy/rich.

Like the Sukiyaki. Instead of a very thick and starchy gravy, it was a light and really tasty broth. Which was what I wanted considering the second time we went back it was a wet and cold day. 
There were only a few seats indoors but plenty of tables outside. So if you want to sit inside, be sure to go there during off-peak hours. Or Saturday when Collins Street isn't extremely occupied.
I was very fascinated at how they could make a bunch of wires look somewhat pretty. The owners kept the decorations to a minimum, but it still looked pretty.

I have to say though, one of their decos really freaked me out.

The crazy looking octopus sitting on top of their fridge.
It gave me the creeps. Imagine having your lunch and when you look up, you see this huge, ugly/scare-looking octopus staring at you. Not a pleasant sight.

Overall, loved the food. Good and fast service. Will definitely be going back again to try some of their other dishes.

Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe
620 Collins Street
VIC 3000
(03) 9620 9548

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