Dec 29, 2012

Malaysia Truly Asia

I am back! And I am so sorry that I have not been updating.

From exams to graduations (Yay! I graduated), mini adventures with the family and a long horrendous 8 hour flight (give or take), I am back in my hometown, Kuching aka the city of cats!
I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to be back despite the hot and very humid weather here. I missed being at home. I missed going out with friends. And mostly, I missed the food.

From Day 1 until now, it has been non-stop eating, visiting all my favorite food stops. I have also been keeping a mini food journal on my Instagram, taking photos of what I eat each day. For memory sake.

So here is summary of what I have been up to since being home:

Day 1
Very first meal was Bak Kut Teh. I have not been to this place since I was...well, really young. And I didn't quite appreciate it like I do now. The broth was really light, yet tasty. And along with the bak kut teh, we had bidin/paku-pakis/fern cooked in red wine. (: I was one happy camper.

Later that night, we had pork satay at Hui Sing Garden. My most favorite satay place in Kuching. Every now and then, I would crave it when I am in Melbourne, and will always look forward to the day I get to sink my teeth into it once more. There's just enough fat on the meat so that it's not too dry and tough after being cooked. And when you bite into it, it just falls of the stick so nicely. Along with the satay, dad ordered a plate of crispy noodles, smothered in this light tomato-y sauce. Delicious.

A very satisfying first day.

Day 2
For lunch, mum steamed the char siew pau given to us by our grandmother in Singapore. Our favorite barbecue pork bun from Singapore. There's just a right amount of meat and sauce in the pau. And not a lot of dough too!
And for dinner we went to Sarawak Club. My favorite restaurant ever since I was a kid. This was/is the restaurant that we still go to for any and every special occasion. Birthdays. Family gatherings. You name it. We ordered the butter prawns, bidin, quails and a few more order things but I was too caught up in eating and forgot to take a few photos. So so good. 
Each night just keeps getting better and better.
I have more to blog, but right now I will just leave it here and will be back soon to blog about my next few days in Kuching. Followed by my upcoming trip to Singapore!

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