Dec 18, 2013

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds is probably the first café that I've ever been to since 2009. The service and atmosphere of this café has always been good. However, I personally do think that they have their really incredible moments and some not so incredible moments. This was definitely one of their better days. I got up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday to follow my sister to go service her car. While waiting, we decided to pop into Seven Seeds nearby with our little sister who has never experienced a proper Melbourne brunch/breakfast.
2 out of the 3 dishes were specials of the day and the other was just their basic eggs, bacon and toast with an interesting relish on the side. There is a reason why the french toast is the first picture of the post. Simply put. It was the best.french.toast.ever. No joke. The french toast was stuffed with pumpkin puree and ricotta cheese, cooked to perfection, covered in maple syrup with pistachio praline crumble around it. Drooling? Yeah. Me too. I don't even like pumpkin that much. The sad part to this? I may never ever have it again since it was only part of the specials menu.
The other special dish was baked eggs with pork belly and toast. I am usually very wary of baked eggs as sometimes I find the sauce they use is too rich and heavy. But this was pretty light and tasty. And the eggs were still slightly runny. A bonus in my books.
Lastly, coffee. I haven't had the best experience with their coffee this year. But because it was a relatively easy and slow morning, their coffee was pretty good. Nutty and frothy. Not like those bland ones I had through out the year.
I will definitely go back again, but maybe during one of their slower days.

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley St
Carlton VIC
(03) 9347 8664
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