Jan 5, 2014

Happy New Year

This post is 5 days overdue but I've been so busy stuffing my face with the local food that I have not been online in awhile. I am back in my hometown Kuching, where the weather is humid and stuffy and the drivers are insane. But, it's still home. Here's a quick look at what I've been consuming for the pass few days with my family and friends.

1 Jan 2014.
Mum brought me to buy my favourite "kuih", which directly translates to cake, at Carpenter Street. It's made out of lots of coconut and pandan. Best combination. Found out later from a friend that it is called kuih syara.

Caught up with a group of friends and had a mini food trip together. Our first stop was to somewhere in China Town aka Padungan, where they had my all time favourite, "cha kueh". It's made out of white carrots and it has this soft and slightly chewy texture that has been fried to perfection. And of course to accompany something as savoury and tasty as this, you need something sweet. So I had what they call the "White Lady", which basically consists of evaporated milk, syrup, lychee or longan, nata de coco and shaved ice. After that, we felt like we wanted something else. Ice-cream. Yes, I know. I am in Melbourne majority of the year and even though ice-cream and gelato are incredible there, nothing can ever beat Sunny Hill's ice-cream. There's just something about the texture of the ice-cream. So so good.
 Just look at that pile of goodness.

2 Jan 2014.
As much as I love my brunches in Melbourne, I love my local goodness for breakfast. Mum brought sis and I to Foochow Cafe to get our fix of our favourite dishes - and because I do not know how to spell their names, I am not even going to try.
Some alcoholic soup with chicken and noodles. Best. Thing. Ever. Especially on really really wet, cold days in Kuching.
"Cha-chu-mee". Sis suggested the " " marks especially since I have no clue of how to spell it. My favourite. Mmm...I'm hungry.
And for lunch, mum made my favourite soup. Pig intestine soup. It's slightly herbal-ly, even though I hate soups like this, but OMG, I could eat heaps of this. And the pig intestine, so chewy. I don't know why I love it, but boy I sure do.

And that's it for my first 2 days back in Kuching. I have heaps more coming, but I figured I should not cram too much into one post. So until next time.


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